How do I print?

With PotteryNotes, you have the ability to print notes, photos and photo albums.  to do this, touch the action icon at the bottom of the screen and select the print option you want.

The real issue is where are you going to print.  Since PotteryNotes runs on iPhones, you must print to "AirPrint" compatible printers.  These kind of printers connect to your local area network and know how to talk to Apple devices.  Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch must also be connect to the local area network in order to see and print to an AirPrint printer.

More information about AirPrint

How To Print:

Step 1 - From an open note or any photo viewing screen touch the action icon in the lower left hand corner.

Step 2 - Select the desired print option.  Different screens will present different options.