What's New in Version 2.4.37

Released:  Sept, 2019

Share Extension from Photo App

This major enhancement allows you to create records or add to existing records directly from the Photo App on your iPhone or iPad. Imagine you are scrolling deep into your camera roll on your device and you see a photo that you would like to add to PotteryNotes. In the past this would require that you switch to PotteryNotes, create a record or find the record you want to add to, and then scroll deep into your camera roll again to find the same photo again. With the new Share Extension feature you can select one or multiple photos, select the “Action” menu and import them directly into PotteryNotes without ever leaving your Photo App.

How To: Adding photos into PotteryNotes from the Photo App using the iOS Share Menu

What WAS new in 2.4.25

Released:  February, 2019

Enhanced Surface Treatment Field

One of our most common questions is how to add multiple glazes to one ceramic piece.  The workaround we have suggested is to add multiple Glaze fields to one record or to make notes about the glazes on a memo field.  Well with this release we are introducing the Surface Treatment Field, which will allow you to add as many glazes and other surface decoration properties to one record.  

How to use the Surface Treatment Field

For users who were using PotteryNotes who are upgrading to this new version, the Surface Treatment Field will be added to the default record template automatically during the upgrade.  For existing records you can add a Surface Treatment Field by following the general guidelines shown here:  How to add a Surface Decoration Field to an existing record

Record Sharing

There has been lots of questions about how to share records between 2 devices.  We now offer basic record sharing between 2 devices!  Besides being a cool new feature for PotteryNotes, it is also a first step in our ability to offer full iCloud support to backup and synch between your various devices.

Record sharing between version 2.4.16 and previous versions will not work.  To share records between devices it is recommended that both devices be on the most recent version of PotteryNotes. 

How To: Using the Record Sharing Menu

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